Terms & Conditions

If you are planning on using our service please take the time to read our Terms and Conditions of trade.


1.1 “Terms and Conditions” – This document forms CheapCremationsMelbourne Terms and Conditions for the provision of
CheapCremationsMelbourne Budget No Service/Private Cremation Funeral Service and reserves all rights to modify and change the Terms and Conditions from time to time as required and replaces any previous Terms and Conditions published while maintaining the Clients consumer rights under the Consumer Laws of Australia and State of Victoria, without prior notice.

1.2 “Funeral Director/Service Provider” is CheapCremationsMelbourne.

1.3 “Deceased” is the person who has been verified where all life signs have ceased, by a Registered Medical Practitioner within Australia, or Nursing Home Registered Nurse and staff.

1.4 “Client” is the person responsible for representing and acting on behalf of the deceased. To sign all required documents for the cremation to be undertaken and completed, as per the Cemetery & Crematorium Act of Victoria.

1.5 “Goods & Services” the provision of a CheapCremationsMelbourne Funeral Service, included goods and services, which remain the
property of CheapCremationsMelbourne until paid in full. All prices quoted are inclusive of GST – Goods & Services Tax as per Taxation regulations are overseen by the Australian Tax Office.

1.6 “CheapCremationsMelbourne” is a Funeral Director registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria and complies with the Funerals Act of Victoria 2006/2007.

1.7 ”Timeline” – Cremation will only be undertaken once CheapCremationsMelbourne have all the required paperwork and forms completed and payment has been received in Full. This can take between 3-4 Days from the day of the death or transfer and receipt of the body whichever is latest. Cremation is generally completed on the day of the booking as advised to the Client, however the Crematorium reserves the right to hold over and take up to two weeks to complete the cremation. Processing of ashes following the Cremation is by the Crematorium and can take up to 3 business days before they would be available for collection by the Funeral Director.

1.8 “Return of Ashes” – CheapCremationsMelbourne will endeavour to arrange the return of the ashes in a reasonable time to the Client once the ashes have been collected from the Crematorium. Availability will generally be 5 – 7 business days following the Cremation. If the ashes are required for a Gathering, Memorial Service, Materialisation at a Cemetery, Scattering, Transport Interstate or Overseas or at another event, consideration and allowance for this time must be made by the Client. CheapCremationsMelbourne cannot be held responsible for delays in return of ashes for any Client event known or unknown.
If return of the ashes are required prior to 5 – 7 business days following the Cremation, we offer a more timely service generally 2 – 3 Business Days as part of our Full Funeral Services through Tribute Funeral Service Pty. Ltd.  This/These Service/s are at a higher cost than the CheapCremationsMelbourne Budget Service.


2.1 CheapCremationsMelbourne will provide a No Service Cremation Service, also known as a Non-Attended, Private, Direct Committal Cremation Service. There is No Gathering of Family &/or Friends.

2.2 The CheapCremationsMelbourne Service, includes, transferring of the deceased person up to 80 km from Melbourne CBD to
CheapCremationsMelbourne 24/7. Additional charges may apply for Regional Victoria or transfers outside this 80 km area.

2.3 We will supply – Simple coffin (Standard Size* being L 1900 mm x W 550 mm x H 320 mm), Single Fresh Rose on Coffin, Cremation Fee, Booking of Cremation with Crematorium of CheapCremationsMelbourne choosing, Cremation Certificate, Death Registration with Birth, Deaths & Marriages Registry Victoria (BDM VIC) with Death Certificate to be issued and posted directly to the Client from BDM Registry Victoria.

Collection and Storage of Ashes will be for 12 months from date of Cremation to be provided by CheapCremationsMelbourne.

PLEASE NOTE: Following the expiry of the 12 month period, CheapCremationsMelbourne may dispose of the cremated remains in any way that it considers appropriate.

2.4 Cremation will only be undertaken once all appropriate paperwork, forms, and payment have been completed. A fully itemised invoice will be issued and payment must be paid in full the day prior to the cremation. Payment options are published on the invoice.

2.5 Where the deceased person’s physical body shape or build will not comfortably fit into a Simple Coffin (Standard Size*), a larger coffin will be required, at an additional cost of $300.00. The Client will be advised as soon as practical upon completion of the transfer of the deceased, into the care of CheapCremationsMelbourne if an oversize coffin is required.

2.6 Optional Viewing may be arranged at an additional cost of $300.00 for up to 1 hour, between the hours of 9:30 am & 4:00 pm weekdays in our Funeral Home Chapel at least 24 hours/1 Day prior to the cremation. Clothing for dressing and dignity of the person would need to be supplied for a Viewing at least 24 hours before any Viewing.

2.7 No prayers, speeches, or other activities deemed to represent a Full Chapel or Traditional Funeral Service will be allowed. Additional costs will be incurred if additional activities are undertaken by family, friends or clergy during the viewing period.

2.8 CheapCremationsMelbourne staff will undertake to provide a simple yet dignified funeral service for all of our Client’s loved ones; due care and respect will be shown at all times. Our Staff are available to answer any questions Clients may have to dispel any myths or concerns they may have about the Funeral process in general or cremations in particular.

We await to be so assistance to you and your family when needed..

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